Indus Magic


In order to translate the benefits of research and developments being made under the Indus MAGIC programs to practice, a consortium of industries interested in the objectives of and associating with iCPs/ Indus MAGIC program is established. This industry consortium will facilitate increased interaction between industry and scientists at CSIR-NCL. This interaction will be useful to provide appropriate direction to research being carried out under these programs.

The industry consortium, Indus CPI will facilitate increased interaction between industry and scientists at CSIR. This interaction will be useful to provide appropriate direction to research projects of the Indus MAGIC program. The objectives of the consortium are:

  • Facilitate close interactions between CSIR scientists associated with process intensification & development of MAGIC platform and specialty chemicals industry.
  • Identify needs of specialty chemicals sector and provide inputs on research projects.
  • Facilitate better understanding of research being done at CSIR laboratories in the areas of process intensification to industry. Provide early access to research results to industry.
  • Demonstrate the developed process intensification concepts and MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified and continuous) processes and plants to industry. Provide a framework so as to give access to some of these facilities to industry.
  • Create awareness about potential and limitations of MAGIC platforms/ research being done in these areas at CSIR laboratories in Indian fine and specialty chemical industry. Conduct at least two meetings/ workshops/ courses in a year for the industry.
  • Create a web based platform to facilitate interaction of students, practicing engineers, researchers and industry stalwarts. Facilitate interaction among chemists and chemical engineers.

There are two types of memberships for the consortium associated with the program on developing MAGIC platform:

  • Core members: will comprise specialty chemicals companies interested in research conducted in process intensification
  • Associated members: will comprise companies associated with specialty chemicals industry and interested in facilitating modernization and transformation of specialty chemicals industry

The consortium members will get several benefits such as:

Benefits to members Core member Associated member
Early access to research results (on better process routes and better process intensification) of CSIR-NCL
Participation in the half yearly workshops/ training programs conducted at CSIR/NCL for the two persons of a member industry. These workshops will include presentations that would review the recent findings (non-confidential) from process intensification research. Training programs will be conducted with specific focus
A members-only web site containing the discussion on latest research which will be maintained and developed by team at CSIR/NCL.
An opportunity to engage with scientists at CSIR/NCL and other thought leaders and therefore an opportunity to integrate the latest thinking on processes, process development and process intensification to your company's strategies and plans.
The opportunity to meet competitors and partners in a non-competitive environment.
A visit by CSIR/NCL scientists to the plant for exploring and identifying specific areas for performance enhancement.
The members may also be involved in identifying target molecules for process development and for formulating the scope of research on process intensification of such industrially relevant processes. Some of the members may be inducted in the management board of the consortium.
Preferential (in terms of timing, fees etc.) access to some of the facilities at NCL for evaluating the feasibility of reactions of interest. The duration, mode, charges and other terms & conditions for such access will be decided by mutual consultation through a separate agreement.
The consortium members interested in licensing IP applied for by NCL during the period of the consortium members' membership will get an irrevocable royalty-free, non-exclusive license in India (without rights to sub-license) valid for the life of the concerned IP on payment of a one-time fee. This right will need to be exercised by the consortium members within 2 years of the priority date of the IP filed.
Facilitated access to funding agencies and private equity funds

The consortium is supervised by the management board. A few representatives from the member industries are included in the management board of this consortium along with the CSIR scientists. All these benefits can be availed by the interested industry for the modest annual fees

Please contact for more details on the following address:

Dr Vivek V. Ranade, Deputy Director & Chair, Chemical Engineering and Process Development National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411008 Tel: 020 25902170 [d], 25902620 Email: