Indus Magic


It is essential to involve large number of chemical engineering and process chemistry students and educate them about MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified and continuous) concepts for chemical processes and plants. For this purpose, a student’s program called Indus Scholar is established. The program invites chemical engineering and process chemistry students (mainly Masters or final year graduate students) to carry out project based on MAGIC concepts at the participating laboratories. It is expected that students will spend at least 3 months at the CSIR laboratories.

The student’s program, Indus Scholar will facilitate increased interaction among students and CSIR scientists as well as industry participants of Indus MAGIC program. This interaction will be useful to expose large number of students to MAGIC concepts. These students will eventually work in industry and will be agents of steering conventional fine and specialty chemicals industry towards MAGIC concepts based modern industry. The objectives of the Indus Scholar program are:

  • Facilitate close interactions between students, faculty at their colleges, CSIR scientists and industry members associated with process intensification & development of MAGIC platform for fine and specialty chemicals industry.
  • Instill MAGIC concepts into the minds of budding chemical engineers and process chemists.
  • Archive the project reports as well as associated information on the web portal for further use.
  • Establish tools and methodologies for developing first cut techno-economic analysis for MAGIC processes and plants
  • Introduce students to research methodologies

The students and faculty members are encouraged to participate in Indus Scholar. Please contact for more details on the following address:

Dr Vivek V. Ranade, Deputy Director & Chair, Chemical Engineering and Process Development National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411008 Tel: 020 25902170 [d], 25902620 Email: